We repair ribbon and dynamic microphones. We can service your microphones to ensure they are ready for all applications.


We have a selection of studio-ready vintage microphones available for rent. Our collection has been thoughtfully curated to meet a variety of needs.


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What people are saying

Cole's commitment to customer service, his work ethic, and his passion for his work are unparalleled. It's clear that Cole does this because he loves it and his motivation comes from his passion for vintage microphones and their role in the process of recording music. The fact that Cole actually listens to each mic he works on before and after servicing by playing instruments into them is proof of this, because you can't really know if a mic is sounding right until you use it to record music. Cole is hands-down the best dynamic and ribbon mic tech I have ever worked with in every regard, and he is an asset to the working recording community. I have never been more confident about recommending anyone for any task than I am about recommending Cole to work on any crazy-ass mic you can find.
Mike Bridavsky

Russian Recording
Bloomington, IN

"Here's the story. I am a part of a vintage gear group on Facebook, it's full of very knowledgeable people. I have my guy Stewart Tavener here in UK, who is all things with ribbons but I asked this group if they knew of anyone who could repair my D19, which was severely lacking in low end. A few people on the group told me I may be out of luck, as these mics are known for capsules going kaput. 2 or 3 people had mentioned your name, I only knew you at the time for selling mics, not repairs. One of the comments even mentioned "Cole do miracles". I sent off the mic to Nasvhille, Cole even helped reassure me with my customs form that if wouldn't be eligible for import duty if clearly marked as repair for return. I got the mic sent to me whilst I was in Michigan on holiday, upon return to the UK and getting the D19 live, I can indeed confirm. Cole do miracle. Now I just need to send him my D12 and EV RE16, which is also lacking in low end. Thanks again Cole for your sensational work."
Chris Boot

United Kingdom

"I'd put off repairing a dead vintage MD-441 for years, not wanting to deal with another overpriced and 'not quite what we discussed' repair service that I've gotten used to over the decades. Before putting it up for sale as-is/for parts, I asked around for good and reasonable mic repair and everyone pointed me to Cole. He was quick to respond to my inquiry, quick to assess and get it on the bench, friendly, and very affordable for getting this beautiful dynamic mic back online. I forgot this level of service existed in the gear industry!"
Adam Hilton

Round Rock, TX

"Cole came highly recommended - by quite literally everyone I asked.  Living and working in NYC, you’d think I’d just ask any number of local technicians, but Cole is the man for the job, and will be going forward.  Not only does he have a fast turn around, affordable prices, but also a pretty obvious dedication to serving the community and providing more than just a repair job.  Seriously, get to know Cole and what he’s going on - there aren’t many people out there dedicating themselves to this much needed work, so we gotta keep him working!"
Dylan McKinstry

Greenpoint Recording Collective

Brooklyn, NY

"I don’t know how it’s possible, but Cole is all three: good, fast, AND cheap.
I’m a pretty good tech myself and yet I send all of my dynamic and smaller ribbon mics to Cole. His work is top notch, and thank goodness since he’s also the only practical choice in this country.
Overhauling our mics with Cole before a big recording project is an absolute no brainer. There’s nothing we could do for less money to achieve a bigger difference in sound quality."
Jens Jungkurth

New York, NY

"Having one of the largest and most diverse ribbon mic collections known to man, I've been using Cole for most of my ribbon mic repairs for years now. He offers great service and communication, competitive prices, and fast turnaround! Cole's love, obsession, and dedication to ribbon microphones is second only to mine!"
Marc Urselli

Brooklyn, NY

Cole Suddarth is simply THE guy to send your older dynamic and ribbon microphones to for repair or servicing. I have sent him a dozen of mics over the past couple of years and every one has come back sounding better. His repair costs are more than fair, he works quickly and communication is great. He basically will treat your microphone as if it was his own and make it sound as good as possible. I hope he understands how indispensable he is.
Earl Houston

Relax Studios
Los Angeles, CA

“Cole is a pleasure to work with, and had my microphones looking great and working and sounding better than ever, with a great turnaround and excellent customer experience! I’ll be a lifelong customer, it’s amazing to find someone who can do this kind of work and is so easy to work with. Thanks Cole!"
Nate Jasensky

Greenpoint Recording Collective

Brooklyn, NY

"Cole brought my AKG D19 and D20 back to life after voice coil breaks, a feat that many thought was impossible. He also makes all my funky old ribbon mics sound amazing! Eminently fair in his pricing, impressive in his repair abilities, and a super chill guy"
Matt Parmenter

Ice Cream Factory Studio

Austin, TX

"There is no one else I would trust with any of my vintage ribbon or dynamic microphones! I’ve had Multiple mics serviced and repaired by Cole, and they always come back better than ever. I’ve also purchased multiple microphones from him and use them everyday! Can’t recommend his services enough."
Matthew Genovese

Analog In The Digital
Los Angels, CA

"I picked up a busted AKG D12E from a local studio, thinking I could maybe fix it (I tech the studio I teach from). But after opening it and reading up about repairing this classic mic, I decided I'd send it to Cole. Best option all around- great price, great work and a nice guy to boot. Very satisfied!"
Jake Kelly

Materials to Outlet

Portland Community College Recording Technologies

Portland, OR

"Cole did an amazing job fixing my Sennheiser 441 and his communication through the process was fantastic.  He was fast and the price was very reasonable.  I couldn't be happier and I know that when I have another mic with issues, he will be my first call!"
Chris Crumpler

Buzz Studio
Burien, WA

"Cole is one of the few folks that I trust when it comes to fixing my mics. He has great communication and he takes care of any issues I'm encountering and provides realistic solutions with top notch quality. I have no problems sending him any mics knowing that I'll get an email from him saying "Hey Mark! I've got this all taken care of and the mics are sounding great and ready to go."
Mark Goodell

Brooklyn, NY

"Cole repaired an old Reslo Ribbon mic for me that was dead. New ribbon and new balanced xlr cable. The turnaround was quick and the result was awesome! I just used it the other day on vocals and it was superb! Highly recommend!"
Sweatson Klank

Los Angeles, CA

"Cole is our go-to for microphone repairs. He's repaired several ribbons and dynamics, ranging from the 60s to the 80s, for us over the years. He's a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with!"
Vincent John

Eraserhood Sound
Philadelphia, PA

"Cole took excellent care in repairing and upgrading my 1950's RCA Varacoustic microphone. Cole's communication was clear and quick. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cole for any old ribbon microphone that needs repairs!"
John Duncan

Alexander, NC

“I’ve had Cole repair (both mechanically and physically) a number of mics for me that have never sounded better. Amazing service and attention to detail, I recommend him to everyone looking for work on ribbon and dynamic mics. The BEST.”
Jeremy Ferguso

Battle Tapes
Nashville, TN

"Getting fresh ribbons before I got in touch with Cole was kind of a nightmare and included shipping expensive mics off to random people with no online presence or any way to hold them accountable if anything happened to the mics as well as sending money off to randos on PayPal and just hoping for the best. Cole's prices are so fair and he has made my life so much better! I'd recommend him to anyone except I don't want them to know about the badass mics he posts for sale every week."
Noah Dane

Reno, NV

“I’ve sent Cole a handful of mics, from rca 77s, to altec 639s. he’s gone thru my dynamics and ribbons and always amazes me with how good he can get them sounding.  Cole has the skills and the ears to know when he’s got your mic perfect.  If you want it done right, send it to Cole.”
Jacob Fischer

Magnetic Recording
Indianapolis, IN

"Cole got my RCA Varacoustic working to spec and sounding great! He did the repairs in a timely manner and was communicative during the entire process. I’ll definitely be sending other microphones to him when the time comes!"
Nick Gendian

Seacoast Sound
Newhall, CA

"Cole did an excellent job rebuilding my D12e. I highly recommend it."
Jeremy Hansen

Lo Rent Sound
Portland, OR

“Cole has killer customer service and his repairs are flawless. 10/10!"
Mike Avenaim

Los Angeles, CA

“Cole fixed a pair of what I thought were goner D19’s - now they sound amazing!”
Steve Stoked

Nashville, TN

“Cole is super kind and giving with his time. Super professional and affordable”
Joni Elfers

Earthsongs Recording
Philadelphia, PA

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