meet the owner

Hey there! I'm Cole.

My business started back in 2018 at a time when I was touring full-time as a guitarist. While on the road, I frequently found old microphones in antique shops and taught myself how to repair them. I developed a love for the quality and attention to detail that went into the engineering of microphones of the past. As it turns out, there are quite a few old microphones in the world that need repair, and with that a sea of people that enjoy them just as much as I do. I’ve spent the past 6 years practicing the art of repairing microphones. My business has grown to the point where I’ve fixed thousands of microphones for different studios across the world. I find excitement in opening a package to find a microphone that has been used by generations of musicians and engineers before me. I moved to Nashville almost 10 years ago, and while I never planned on becoming a microphone technician, I fully believe that I found my dream job. This business has given me the opportunity to connect with some incredible musicians, engineers, and producers. Without my customers and clients, I wouldn’t get to do this. Thanks for coming along and being a part of what I do!