We repair ribbon and dynamic microphones. We can service your microphones to ensure they are ready for all applications.

Ribbon Repairs

We specialize in the replacement of ribbons in all ribbon microphone models. We cut, corrugate, and tune each ribbon to achieve proper frequency response and output levels. Let us service your ribbon microphone to make it perform as it was designed.

Dynamic Repairs

We repair dynamic microphones by cleaning diaphragms, restoring coils, updating wiring, and performing any other needed repairs.

We commonly repair AKG microphones that have lost their low end (D12, D19, etc). In some cases, we can restore the coils in microphones that are no longer passing signal.

RCA Repair Equipment

We're fortunate to use a selection of microphone repair equipment from the original RCA factory. This includes original corrugators, ribbon material, cutting dies, grill repair blocks, NOS RCA replacement parts, and more. The use of this equipment along with our attention to detail brings us as close to original RCA specs as possible.

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